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Bellevue, WA based, Ryan Conley “BlockchainRyan” is among one of America's leading blockchain and cryptocurrency experts specializing in the decentralization of the internet and social media tech titans such as Facebook and Twitter. Via his work with FutureNet Foundation, Conley has helped to lead critical global partnerships with the United Nations and Nelson Mandela Foundation to end global malnutrition using Spirulina protein.

Born in New Orleans, Lousiana, Conley grew up in the small logging town of Port Angeles, Washington. His father, John William Conley, was a US Army Colonel and his mother, Sandra Powers, retired as "School teacher of the Year" in Snohomish County, Washington.

He is a 2001 graduate of the University of Washington with a Liberal Arts Degree with an emphasis in psychology.

Upon graduating high school, Conley enlisted in the United States Army National Guard earning the rank of Military Specialist in the same division that his father shared as Colonel.

Conley then entered the field of real estate in Bellevue, where he was recognized by Skyline Properties as one of the top agents in the Seattle market.

Crisis of Conscience

Following the real estate crash of 2008, Conley no longer felt comfortable consciously partaking in an economic and political system where millions of families were being foreclosed upon, having their equity siphoned off from these "too big to fail" banks. Conley's economic and moral beliefs evolved and he no longer held the position that the "Dead Presidents" aka fiat money system was the future for humanity moving forward. Instead, he came to believe that cryptocurrency and the blockchain were the future due to the finite supply and demand for coins.

With eighty active listings and eight agents working for him, he walked away from real estate. Conley's evolution to the belief that the future of the financial system dealt with through supply and demand. Cryptocurrency offered just that with white papers backing coins with a finite supply established.

Conley's second crisis of conscious soon manifested itself. He had studied the concept of incentivizing social media, observing the rise and fall of sites such as Friendster and MySpace but also what Facebook became — the $285 billion behemoth it is today. He recognized that the same corrupt "Dead Presidents" fiat financial mentality that took advantage of homeowners during the housing crisis was being replicated with social media — siphoning the money from the people again. Wealth was not going back to the content creators or homeowners, but instead to a select few. Conley developed a simple philosophy at that time that basic human communication via social media, that paid out in cryptocurrency back to the people, instead of a corporation like Facebook, would not only be fair and equitable but also spark more wealth and incentivize creators and content providers on a level playing field.

Conley decided to put his theory to test based on the quote, "If not this, then what?" — a principle that has guided his life. As a board member of FutureNet, the company approached the United Nations to establish a partnership in its effort to eradicate global malnutrition using Spirulina algae. Conley then approached the Nelson Mandela Foundation to include them in the campaign, using incentivized social media as the vehicle. While results are pending, the effort has already mobilized more than 4.8 million individual users to date.

Conley sat on the board of a $1 billion social media platform, Futurenet that pays the users in bitcoin. He is also the top donor of the FutureNet foundation out of nearly five million users currently.

He has funded and established offices for FutureNet internationally to help bring wealth from corporations such as Facebook to the people via FutureNet. The offices are located in Legos, Nigeria, Johannesburg/Durban, South Africa, and Hanoi, Vietnam.

His current projects include Nasgo Sharenode which deals with putting the Internet on the blockchain. This basic concept revolves around every person, every company, and every movement, to be on a sidechain with its own token to promote a global [tokenized economy]. Conley believes that is the future of crypto in an age where there are 3,000 cryptocurrencies that have no utility.

To help the world population evolve their minds to experience this new global wealth transfer that cryptocurrency will bring to the masses, Ryan Conley has developed UtopiaMind.

UtopiaMind is the project combining neurofeedback and virtual reality at the same time gamified and on the Nasgo Blockchain. With this technology, it is very possible to reprogram minds to assist others with living in the moment at the forefront of their brains instead of the back playing more reptilian part.

Ryan Conley has a passion for world travel, he is the father of two beautiful girls, and he loves accomplishing his bucket list of future endeavors.

His favorite saying is “If not this, then what?” has led him to two basic questions: 1. How do I positively impact as many lives every second of every day around the world? 2. How do I make the most amount of money doing so, so I can put that back into the first question? He said that creates a cyclone vortex of energy that will help advance the world faster than most of us have ever imagined.